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Accredited Professional Schools and Colleges

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CDET ensures the provision of high quality professional dance and musical theatre training through Accreditation of full-time dance and performing arts schools, and has provided the industry benchmark of quality assurance for professional dance and musical theatre training in the UK since 1979.


What does it cost to go to a Vocational Dance or Musical Theatre School?
Finding the funds to study on dance and musical theatre courses can be expensive. A course at a CDET accredited vocational training school can cost anything between £7,000 and £30,000 per year. Depending on where you study, different types of funding exist.

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The following web-links are shared as a helpful source of background information for students, parents, schools, awarding organisations and members of the public.

Recognised Schools

A Recognised School is a pre or non-vocational dance or musical theatre school that is committed to putting the safety of its pupils first and meets the following nine requirements of good professional practice.

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CDET is a charitable company limited by guarantee. (Registered in England number 3888776 / Charity number 1079153)