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Registered Instructors

Sage Academy, Scott Spitty

Registered Instructor StrapA Registered Instructor is a dance, drama, music, singing and/or    musical theatre instructor who is committed to putting the safety of pupils first and meets the following six requirements of good professional practice.


Registered Instructors:

  • Have and adhere to appropriate Professional Policies and Procedures in respect of the following: health and safety (including safe dance practice), safeguarding, equal opportunities and customer service (including feedback and complaints)
  • Hold a valid Disclosure  and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate
  • Hold appropriate and adequate Insurance
  • Adhere to the CDET Code of Professional Conduct and Practice or recognised equivalent
  • Make the Six Requirements for Registered Instructors document publically available, together with the following Key Information: contact details, timetables and venues for examinations and all performance events
  • Demonstrate Professionalism, evidenced by two supporting references from persons of appropriate standing in the field

Individuals can seek Registered Instructor status for a maximum of five years, and are encouraged to undertake a recognised qualification to access CDET Teacher awards as appropriate.

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